Terms and Conditions


Booking should be made at least 2-3 days before the Date of the Rental.

  • A) 2 Valid ID’s (Drivers License, Passport or Any VALID Government ID)
  • B) Proof of Billing (should be current and within 2 months)
  •   Should be under the renter’s name or Parents or Wife (with Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract to show relationship).
  • If renting. Lease Contract.
  • C) Security Deposit of P3000 for 1-5 Days week rental.
  • P5000 6-10 Days / P7000 for 11 Days to 18 days / P10,000 for 19 Days to 1 Month
  • D) For Employed: Employment Certification or Company ID for Employees.
  • E) For Business Man or Self Employed. Business Permit Latest and not expired or Lease Business Contract.
  • F). For Foreigners, A copy of their passport, Flight Itinerary and Hotel Booking shall be submitted. A reference of who or where they will be going shall also be included in their Booking Form.
  • G) With Valid office numbers and business numbers.
  • H) Must have a Facebook Account. Must be set to public and must add Rent A Car Gensan and Admin Officer Dawn Antepasado.
  • I) Must read and sign the contract both pages upon release of unit.
  • J) Photo beside the unit rented. Units must only be released at the office or airport.
  • K) Background check at Home, Neighbors and Office.
  • L) Bookings are subject to approval
  • M) Subject to Car Availability
  • N) Reservation is only confirmed upon 50% payment or full payment.
  • O) Driver or Renter should know how to drive a Manual or Automatic.
  • P) For cancellation, only 50% or half of the payment made shall be refunded.
  • Q) One Day Rental is Equivalent to 12 hours. While 2 days and more is equivalent to 24 hours. Units shall only be released between 6am to 6pm. Additional P1000 for night premium if they would like to request to get the unit the night before. Daily extension is subject to approval and availability. Hourly Extension is at P200/Hour and should not exceed beyond 10pm.
  • Basic Rules
  • Renter or Driver must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Driver must be fit during driving and shall not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time when riding the vehicle being rented.
  • Driver must wear their seat belt;
  • Driver must obey all traffic rules and speed limits
  • All accidents must be reported immediately to Travelpedia Tours
  • Do not violate traffic rules. You must follow the allowed speed limit as posted; do not
  • exceed the speed limit;
  • Each person must have a safety belt and the maximum seating capacity must not be
  • exceeded.
  • Drive carefully. No erratic driving and observe all the rules.


  1. Must handle the Vehicle/Unit with care.
  2. The unit must be cleaned and washed upon return. (Penalty of P300 shall be paid if returned dirty or shall be deducted from their security deposit)
  3. No Smoking inside the vehicle.
  4. Avoid spilling of any liquid inside the vehicle.
  5. Don’t sit with a wet pants or shorts.
  6. Upon returning the unit, the Fuel Gauge should be at the same point when it was turned over and excess won’t be refunded.
  7. The renter shall be liable and accountable for any damaged to the vehicle or parts of the vehicle during the entire rental period not covered by the insurance policy. If the parts or damages are worth less than the participation fee, the renter shall pay for it.
  8. The renter shall be liable and accountable for the loss of any part of the vehicle or the vehicle itself.
  9. The renter shall be honest in declaring whatever damaged or violations acquired during the rental period. Failure to report to Travelpedia Tours will make them accountable to all damages plus additional 20% of the damaged value.
  10. Any damaged resulting from renter’s recklessness, or if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall make the Renter fully liable and accountable and shall pay 100% of the total damaged cost including the opportunity income based on the number of days the vehicle has not generated any income or until it becomes in good condition and ready to travel again.
  11. The vehicle rented should only be for Private Use and should be driven only by the renter or his authorized representative. Passengers on the said vehicle should only be people known by Renter shall not be used or rented to pick up passengers.
  12. Security Deposit shall be returned or deposited to renter’s account once the unit has been returned in good condition. If needs to be checked, Security Deposit shall be released within 3-5 days.
  13. Extent of damage and cost shall be identified by our partner Service Center.
  14. The Vehicle is rented in good faith and shall not be used for any unlawful activities such as kidnapping, terrorism or shall not be used to carry illegal weapons or drugs or any other hazardous materials.
  15. Other restrictions may apply.